Astrology is a very accurate method which describes the characteristics of an individual’s personality and phases of life; a predictive study of the universal life force represented in the life of the individual. It is a very scientific method that uses accurate calculations to reach a definite conclusion about how to make life flow in a better direction, through the understanding of the subtle effects of the vibrations of the Universal mind affecting the individual mind.

Understanding this science can help a person align their individual mind and consciousness to the Universal mind and consciousness, and thus bring inner peace, prosperity, growth and happiness in their environment. One can better understand one’s own life path; find the life path which will give the maximum happiness and satisfaction in life; gain guidance and growth in every aspect of life. Astrology introduces a person to his or her hidden talents and abilities which can easily be enhanced to produce an improved lifestyle.

This art and science helps in understanding human relationships and how one can improve compatibility within them, be it a personal relationship or professional one. It can benefit an individual through the understanding of how certain situations and people are attracted into the person’s life, and also suggests how transformation is possible, where necessary. It can help identify individuals who can be long term companions and who can bring the highest learning in life.

Astrology also helps in understanding the phases or time-cycles in a person’s life. With the help of astrology, one can identify the periods that are most suitable for being proactive and for consolidating one’s position in life. This applies for both short term and long term periods in life. Timings for starting new projects and business partnerships, understanding opportunities and challenges, and even the suitability of a location for a personal or professional cause— all are within the domain of astrology.

Last but not the least, astrology helps in determining the path of spiritual growth suited to each individual and how one can improve the relationship with self and God in this interesting journey of life.



In this workshop participants will develop the basic abilities for creating an astrological chart; reading and understanding all the major elements of an astrological chart, as well as the characteristics of the individual whose chart is being read. They will also learn how to predict the kind of situations and people an individual will encounter in their life. Participants will learn to predict the kind of business and professional prospects a person will have in his or her life. They will be able to identify the inner qualities and abilities an individual possesses and how to develop them. Finally, they will earn insights into the kind of relationships a person will have in their life and how to help improve them.

Topics include:

  1. Basic chart reading (houses)
  2. Reading and understanding astrological elements (planets, zodiac signs) and their effect
  3. Understanding specific effects of the planets, houses and constellations in a particular chart with reference to time cycles (“antardaaha” and “mahadasha”) as they relate to characteristics, relationships, and the professional and business growth of a person
  4. Solving sample and practical real life astrological case studies as hands-on practice

Time: 6 hours

Fee:   To be defined depending on hosting country

Individualized Service for Individuals and/or Groups

The individualized service focuses on the reading of the astrological chart of the client and describing of his or her inner qualities, abilities, and characteristics. The client will be given a reading and predictions of the type of professional and business opportunities reflected in their chart as well as an understanding of the type of relationships a person will attract in his or her life. Time cycles a person will go through and the kind of situations expected in these periods are also presented.

The Service includes:

  • Suggestion about the kind of crystals or stones suitable for the individual