Bioenergy Healing

The human body has an immense potential to stay healthy, or gain health, in order to stay in an optimal and energetic state of being. However, when the balance in our mind and body is disrupted we more easily can become ill. Recovering from illness, injury or distress and achieving a state of health and soundness is called healing. In the area of alternative healing modalities, such as Holistic Healing and Faith Healing, health can be restored using flora and fauna. The common purpose of these alternative modalities is to bring spiritual, mental, and physical health to the individual and the society as a whole.

Bioenergy Healing is one of the prime systems among alternative healing modalities used to heal a person. In this method the “healer” channels universal life energy and sends it to the “receiver” through their hands by placing them on the ailing body part. Counseling and positive motivational talks are also a part of such healing system.

We all have locked within us the energy centers which, once activated and used in combination with the universal life force, give us access to a vast source of energy, wisdom, and happiness.

This system is based on ancient methods and practices adapted to the modern age. It recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and the oneness of all at the core level. A particular form of Bioenergy Healing is called Tibetan Reiki, which focuses especially on the body’s energy centers. Tibetan Reiki works with special sacred symbols, which help enhance the life force within a person’s aura. It’s especially useful in resolving deep level emotional issues which have been unresolved over long period of time.



A healthy body, mind, and spirit can reach a great state of acumen. With this in mind we focus on first attaining a healthy body and mind. Participants will learn about the various aspects of healing They will learn about the role that nature and its various elements plays in the healing process; the types of healing and techniques which enhance one’s self-healing ability. Participants will also be given small healing sessions to experience and understand the process of healing.


  • Types of healing: Discussion about the various types of healing and how they work.
  • Elements of healing: Discussion about the various elements involved in process of healing
  • Process of healing: Detailed discussion about the healing techniques and how they work.
  • Hands on experience: A short healing session for each participant followed by question/answer session.

Time Duration: 6 hours
Fee: To be defined according to hosting country

Personal Healing session


Initially there is a thorough dialogue between the healer and the receiver. This communication helps the healer assess the actual issue/problem faced by the receiver. It helps in motivating the receiver to take a positive outlook towards life and focus on solving the problem rather than worrying about it. This part initiates the process of “Healing”.


In the Healing part, the healer becomes a medium to let the universal life energy flow to the receiver’s body. This process helps in passing universal life energy vibrations to the receiver being healed, which brings them peace and relaxation.


This session is followed by a Question and Answer (Q&A) and Discussion session in which the receiver discusses their issue and receives counseling from the Healer.

Time Duration: 2 hours

Fee: To be defined according on hosting country