Face Reading

Face Reading is a unique art of reading a person’s facial expression to understand and predict about their characteristics and behavioral pattern. It takes into consideration body language, facial expression and the overall persona an individual carries with his or herself.

This art is based on the assessment of qualities commonly found in individuals and how much a particular quality in the individual being read is pronounced as compared to an average level.

Face Reading helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses a person has in his or her personality. The purpose is to assist in transforming the weaknesses so as to become a better and more empowered individual.

Based on the feedback offered through this analysis, a person can choose to improve upon the inherent qualities through self-analysis, meditation, spiritual or faith healing, or any other mode of their choice.

This art can thus help an individual to understand how s/he is “seen” by the world. Hence it can support introspection about their personality and bring improvements in themselves.

Therefore, thanks to this reading, the person can further develop their qualities which would help them in socializing and enhancing interpersonal relationships (personal and/or professional).