Healing Cancer Patients and Mental Disorders

Well these are the general recommendations from my side, which I feel should definitely help :

1. A long deep breath is one of the best things which help.

Normally breath is of three types 

(A)Deep & Slow Breath

(B)Deep & Fast Breath

(C)Shallow & Fast Breath

(A) is best kind of breath followed by (B) & (C) respectively.

“Breath Watching ” if done properly leads to situation (A) and hence is very good for improving any health situation, specially Cancer.

2.Positive thinking & Positive Imagination :

This looks very simple but is a very powerful tool for helping people suffering from any major ailment including Cancer. Our thoughts have energy & our “continuous thoughts” have a full energy shifting power which can effect the way the “healthy” cells & “cancer cells” react to medicine(“continuity” is the key part of any process including health treatments) food ,environment and lifestyle.

Thoughts and imaginations have to be positive mostly with atleast a positive perception about life.

I do simulation training programs to create “Mind Palaces” and tell others to do the same for better “Emotion Release” and engaging power of Brain cells & other healing faculties in a better way.

“Emotion release” is required as it can be a negative emotion resulted out due to past traumas and then healing (cleaning  through release followed by recharging & rejuvenation) follows

3.Mantras-Positive affirmations :

Our words have power. 

Thought of a “lime slice ” on tongue itself can make the tongue start salivating. 

Words describing the same, built up even more effect.

Our selection of words,its tonality has a great effect on the way our mind & body reaction to any situation including any disease. 

The person undergoing treatment for cancer has,to use ONLY positive words. 

He or She can’t have “luxury ” of negative thoughts. 

If any negative thoughts come they have to be imagined or lived with positive opinion .

4.Mantras(only sound)

Mantras are of various types .Primarily they can be classified as those which have meaning(called affirmations) and those which don’t have meaning (pure sound).

Their pronounciation and mental recitation create a great positive effect on Mind & Body.

5.On the Eg. Of last point ,Vitamin C is very good for helping a person undergoing Cancer treatment to  cause fast improvement.

Any alkaline food is generally considered good for such treatment. 

Obviously every person is unique and with every person the above recommendations maybe applied to different degree,however properly cooked food,vegetarian food,easily digestible food, fresh food are good for health.

6.Exposure to good environment (fresh air,good sunlight, clean environment, positive thinking people,healthy food)  are great help for a Cancer Patient .

7.Eight hours of sleep is must for any Cancer patient or anyone suffering from any disease.For normal people this can be somewhere upto 7hours. 

If someone is having or going for lesser hours then his or her lifestyle must include a number of hours dedicated to trance state,which is passive or relaxed state of mind,  eg.deep trance effect,meditation,prayers,listening “favourite music” etc.

In this list ,meditation scores over others due to its deep relaxing effect on brain cells. 

8.Avoid Gossip or “Beggar syndrome”:

Continuous discussion about a cancer patient, in an oversympathetic tone, makes the “cancer patient ” feel like “poor sad person ” with little chance of improvement. Instead a better approach is to make him or her, feel like a “fighter” with a realistic chance to win, contemplating in terms of Strengths & Weaknesses.

Immediate family members & friends play an important role in making the environment .The patient reacts to their body language,make sure it’s encouraging and optimistic all the time.

9.Last but not the least I have seen “BioEnergy Healing “ sessions doing great improvement in taking mind to trance state, which is supportive to any kind of Healing Procedure being followed specially if done for 45minutes or more duration of time.

A relaxed & calm mind is far better than an aggressive & impatient mind, in helping a Person improve and get back to good health. 

Human brain needs relaxation of a deeper level to undergo any treatment in an optimum way.

No kind of stress or tension effects a person, once he/she has entered deep relaxation state.In such a state both brain cells & body cells undergo structural improvement & rejuvenation.Deep level traumas created through experience of human behaviour or accidental shocks of any kind, start getting diminished from cellular memory provided relaxed state is deep enough. 

A baby grows fastest in first year of birth, due to the deep trance effect a baby gets from touch & care(physical & emotional love)during this time from his/her loved ones, specially mother . Infant babies which  get this “special touch ” seem to be stronger & more healthier individuals in later part of life than other babies who don’t get their proper energy doze through parents & other loved ones.

Similarly in a state of coma(another deep state) brain cells or body cells prepare itself for final level efforts to save their consciousness. 

The challenge thus lies in ensuring the “continuity” of trance state.Regularly entering trance state is best for the body and mind, as the brain cells and body cells get enough amount of time to relax and focus on inwards relaxation than outer work and stress.

Any kind of healing (including western medicine & eastern medicine) works fast in such state of relaxation. 

These trance states ensure that most attention span of brain cells and body cells go on self maintenance and recovery rather than outer activities. 

The steps of creating trance effect are simple:

1.Deep & slow breathing, which we already discussed helps in creating & maintain trance effect.This provides good degree of oxygenation for brain & body to function effectively & also helps in metabolic activities & chemical reactions required for healing the entire body.

2.Imagination :

Whatever we imagine creates an effect on mind and hence in body. We already saw Eg. Of lemon effect on tongue, be it real or imaginary it. Effects in activation of salivary gland.

Such imagination can also be used with “Mind palace” to heal trauma both emotional & physical including effect on diseases of serious kind.

As trauma is an experience so is imagination an experience & hence can be really powerful.


Use of  certain kind of soothing sound, both external & interal effects the brain cells in a constructive way.

In the same way as loud noise of traffic and industries can disturb peace of mind, specially sleep..similiarly good kind of sound helps in soothing and improving functioning of Brain.

Scientific research shows the effect of sound at various level of consciousness. However when sound is internal(like in deep whisper or self talk),that also effects the brain at deep level .

Lot of people use this to motivate themselves in different environment. 

We witness this in everyday’s life.Even hearing words from near and dear ones, effects the whole consciousness very deep and positively. 

These including affirmations,which either self or from other effects our mind,brain & hence body states.

4.Bioenergy Healing :Different kind of healing modularities like Reiki or body work or touch therapies of various kind are plain & simple example of vibrational healing.

Every person is in a unique state of vibration.A healthy person (of body,mind & soul)effects the environment around his/her own self.

A mother heals and rejuvenates the baby with her love expressed through touch faculty.If a mother, be it human or animal discards this unique touch healing to its baby,then the baby gets adversely effected.

Even in businessworld, a  handshake is a symbol of warm greeting and is a symbol of trust & recognition .

Touch therapy is a strong way of exchanging vibration which specially helps the person who is going through a low body-mind state .

Specially if the vibrations coming from a soothing source or someone in deep relaxed state (even from a baby)  effects the person in their immediate vicinity. 

Deep state trance can be induced very easily through such touch therapies, which when applied in combination to 

Power of positive imgaination(visualization),breathwatching & sound therapies, really effect the body & brain in healing itself.

As brain cells govern all the body cells (body cells heavily dependant on brain cells for healing & survival), healthy brain cells are a REAL NEED for body.

The above mentioned four methods are best in inducing “trance” effect in the brain,which keeps brain healthy & helps in rejuvenating mind & body most effectively. 

Only thing to be disciplined about is “continuity ” of such trainings, as the continuity of these methods are what maintains the result of a relaxed, mind, body state in long term.If continuity is not maintained, then healing effect will not be long lasted & person will return back gradually to their old health level .

I have done such sessions for hundreds of individuals & all of them agree upon the  deep relaxed effect created by even just one such session .Imagine what positive improvement ,continuity of these sessions & trance state can bring upon the individual provided they connect deeply to trance state giving it a regular time in their life