Numerology is based on the science of numbers and their vibrations. It can help in assisting individuals in analyzing themselves with a view to transforming personal challenges and developing strengths. This science links each and every number to a respective sound and color which, when used in synchronized alignment, helps create peace, affluence and happiness in the life of an individual or group.

Every human being is affected in his or her personal or professional life by their emotions and the environment that in turn affest their conscious and subconscious mind. Numerology takes into consideration the effect of numbers on colors, sound, and the environment to assist an individual or group in reaching a higher, more positive state of mind. In such a state a person’s performance reaches an optimum level, which in turn becomes reflected in the personal, professional and every other aspect of the person’s life.

Using numbers, we can understand a person’s hidden, inner characteristics and emotional state, which can help improve the behavioral pattern and relationships of the individual and/or group. Mutual understanding in a relationship helps in resolving issues and bringing long-lasting happiness in the life of the concerned individuals.

Hence, Numerology is a key science which can help improve the lives of groups and individuals. With the use of very small but effective tools, Numerology has brought great results to organizations and private households alike.



The workshop will enable participants to create and read numerological charts for themselves and others. They will learn to use these charts in order to better understand a person’s characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, relationship quotient, and socializing skills. They will learn about the numerological solutions that can help them attain affluence in life. Participants will also gain an insight into karmic patterns and how to resolve them.

Topics include:

  1. Creating a numerological chart
  2. Reading and analyzing a numerological chart
  3. Understanding a person’s personality traits and karmic influences
  4. Application of special numbers to help provide solutions using numbers and colors

Time: 4 hours

Fee:   To be defined depending on hosting country
Individualized Service for Individuals and/or Groups
The individualized Numerology solution provides insights into personality development by gathering vital information on a person’s own characteristics, behavioral pattern, life’s direction and then using the effect of sound, colors and numbers to bring improvement in the overall personality of the individual as well as in the individual’s interaction with others. Through the individualized numerological service, the client will also earn insights and recommendations on the most suitable types of relationships and people in his or her life.

Fee:  To be defined depending on hosting country. Fee will take into account travel and accommodation if required.